'Real' Ghost Voices • Littleton, CO

These are only a few of many EVPs recorded in one home here in Littleton during a 2 week period in January 2011.
EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, are recordings of spirit voices. These are actual voices from 'the other side'.
Not a believer? Maybe you will be after hearing these. TIP: Use headphones.
Class A, B, & C refer to the quality of the recordings.
Be glad these weren't recorded in your home!

1. Class A
2. Class A
"Rain was on" (??)
3. Class C
"Come..." (??)
4. Class B
"To provide, no"
5. Class B
Sound of a "Grunt"
6. Class C
"Emily caught me"
7. Class B
"Big man, other man, and the woman"
8. Class C
9. Class A
"Search on"
10. Class B
"Just go for it"
11. Class B
"Resorts for tanning" (??)
12. Class A
"Good Night"
13. Class C
"Are you kidding me?"
14. Class C
"Actually I prefer...and..."
15. Class B
"Las cinco...las tres"
Two voices, two numbers, in Spanish.
16. Class A
"I told you ten"
17. Class B
"tu carte es en li aqua"
In Spanish, something about water.
18. Class B\
"Uh Oh Kachew"
19. Class B
20. Class B
"Prepare is this" (??)
21. Class B
"Keep looking"

The 2013 Haunts are be hosted by friends of The Littleton Presbyterian Church of Littleton, CO

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